Chekhov's Three Sisters

A Study Guide

By Michael Pennington

Chekhov's Three Sisters
Paperback, 192 pages Online Price:
ISBN: 9781854598998
Format: 195mm x 125mm
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Published: 10th August 2006
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Category: Biography & general

Series: Page to Stage study guides

Page to Stage series – highly accessible guides to the world's best-known plays, written by established theatre professionals to show how the plays come to life on the stage.

Actor Michael Pennington conducts us scene by scene through the action of Chekhov's Three Sisters, analysing moment by moment what is actually said and done, and how the staging of these moments affects our understanding of them.

Also included: a concise introduction to Chekhov and the historical background of the play; discussions of the play's themes and of Chekhov’s playwriting technique; individual studies of each of the play's characters.

Michael Pennington is a well-known leading actor, most often in Shakespeare, but also in Chekhov and Ibsen as well as present-day playwrights. His other books include User’s Guides to three of Shakespeare’s plays and Are You There, Crocodile?: Inventing Anton Chekhov. He has also co-authored a guide to the plays of Ibsen, Chekhov and Strindberg.

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