By Carl Hancock Rux

Paperback, 240 pages Online Price:
ISBN: 9781559362269
Format: 215mm x 136mm
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Published: 2nd September 2010
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Category: Modern drama (post-1945)

A sharp and perceptive new play from Carl Hancock Rux, a multidisciplinary artist born in Harlem, New York, whose trademark craft is to combine poetry, music, theatre and dance. 

In the age of McCarthy and the Beat poets, a controversial African-American artist, Archer Aymes, became an overnight sensation with his first book, Mother and Son. Ten years later he was found dead in a prison cell.

Decades have now passed, and a conference is formed bringing a panel together to debate the facts and importance of Aymes's life. Through Rux's vivid imagery, and meticulous research, his crackling dialogue and poetically constructed discourse, we become participants at the conference as Rux scrutinizes the way we record history, our reverence towards celebrity and trust in academic authority. The result is a gradual dismantling of confidence in our own memory.

'A dazzling play. Mr Rux's ideas have the urgency and passion of actions. He draws on satire, rhetoric, naturalism...and poetry.'

- New York Times

'Talk is the most intellectually ambitious play in years. It wins the case for a renewed theatre of ideas.'

- Time Out, New York

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